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High Bar Shirt Co. is a family owned and operated company that has been producing the highest quality shirts since 1933.  Our attention to detail and personal service has set us apart from other shirtmakers.  We have a wide variety of shirts for every man of any age.  If you are in the need of business attire shop from our Dress Shirt Collection.  Need some casual shirts ?  At High Bar, you are not limited to a standard choice of a Medium or a Large and then have to live with the sleeves being too long or too short..  You can still choose your exact neck, sleeve and fit type.  Check out our newest model, The Outside Shirt – designed to be worn outside…..  High Bar also offers the Tweakable Shirt Program where you can tweak your measurements to your liking. The process is simple.  Create an account. We promise to only send you promotional e-mails, and advise you when new styles arrive.  Shop for your shirt fabric, button, style.  Then choose your neck, sleeve, tail length and fit.  We will ship your shirt to you within 10-15 business days.  Wear it and feel the difference of your High Bar shirt.  We are confident you will notice the quality of our fabrics and appreciate our Made in America craftsmanship.  We take pride in every shirt that goes out the door.  Take advantage of our Tweakable Shirt options to fine tune your fit.  Our shirt technicians are available to assist you in any way. We still make shirts one at a time, it’s the only way we know……    

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