Dress Shirts

Custom-Made Men’s Dress Shirts From High Bar Shirt Co.

Whether you have a big meeting with your boss approaching or you’re simply preparing for a formal family get-together, you’ll want to look your best – and this is not always possible with a shirt that doesn’t suit your preferences and specific measurements. That’s where High Bar Shirt Co. comes in. With a simple design process that gives you total control over the product, High Bar Shirt Co. offers custom-made dress shirts designed and handcrafted in the USA for you and only you.

Choosing Your Fabric

A lot goes into selecting the perfect fabric for your dress shirt. Consider the occasion – is it of a more serious nature, or will the crowd be more relaxed? For the first scenario, consider choosing a neutral tone, such as white or ecru. Bright colors and eye-catching designs may go over well at lighthearted events, such as dinner parties or wedding receptions. Regardless of the occasion, High Bar Shirt Co. offers a broad selection of fabrics from a number of notable names, including Alumo, Grandi & Rubinelli, Soktas and more, and our collection lets you choose between various materials, patterns, colors and textures to find your ideal look and feel.

Customizing Your Shirt

After choosing the fabric, you’ll have even more opportunities to ensure your shirt comes out exactly how you imagined. First, you’ll select your button style – our buttons, crafted by Italian manufacturer, Linea Mitiaro, are available in an assortment of designs intended to match your preferred fabric. Then, you’ll be able to sort through a variety of options that lend your shirt a personal touch, including collar, cuff, front, back and pocket styles. To top things off, we even offer complimentary monograms that make it easy to personalize your shirts.
Dress Shirts

Personalized Sizing Services

With such a broad selection at your disposal, picking your shirt’s visual elements might take a while, but once you’ve locked in the right look, you’ll be met with a plethora of sizing options, including your neck and sleeve measurements. After listing your measurements, choose between short, regular and tall shirt tail lengths, and then pick your fit – full, relaxed, tapered or slim. Once settled, consider any particular requests you might have for our tailors and list them – we’ll accommodate any special request if it’s within our capabilities.

Each order is individually cut and finished based on your measurements, and our local customers can even be fitted in person, so you can guarantee a flawless fit the very first time you button up your new shirt.

Order Your Dress Shirt Today

Why struggle to find a shirt that caters to your needs? Design your own dress shirt with High Bar Shirt Co. today, or browse our in-stock selection to find a ready-to-order shirt that measures up to your standards.

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